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At D.F. Dwyer Insurance we understand the frustrations of home and business owners faced with pricey, limited-to-no option flood coverage in a state with 400 miles of coastline. No matter if your property is in a high or lower risk zone, is a single-family, multi-unit residential or a commercial building-- we’ll carefully evaluate your specific needs and create customized OPTIONS from our top-quality underwriters to perfectly suit your property.

Our new options meet all lenders’ flood insurance requirements AND offer additional advantages including:

  • Shorter waiting periods
  • No elevation certificates required
  • Higher coverage levels for both buildings and contents
  • No surcharge for secondary residences or rental homes
  • NEW: Available to multi-family dwellings and commercial buildings!
  • Competitive premiums—in many cases, lower than National Flood Insurance Program*

*In fact, we have already saved clients thousands by assisting them with the switch from NFIP.

D.F. Dwyer Flood Insurance Options

Flood Insurance OptionsAt D.F. Dwyer Insurance, we are committed to providing you with flood insurance as inexpensively, quickly, and painlessly as possible.

Call us at 401-846-9629 or email me at DFD@DFDwyer.com to customize the best, most affordable flood coverage to suit your property because...
One size does not fit all!


"I received superior customer service from your agency. Your staff worked with me on a difficult flood situation with speed and ease.
Thank you!"

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