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Protect your home with proper coverage from our top carriers.

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The house you live in is more than a place for your things. It's your home. Protect the things you value most with proper homeowner insurance coverage. Rather than cut corners to reduce your premium, we'll find the right carrier for your policy and show you the most cost effective ways to insure your property while preventing "surprises" in the event of a claim.


We have special solutions available for:

Coastal Properties
We specialize in insuring coastal properties and offer extended protection with affordable flood policies through FEMA and Nationwide.

Historic & Antique Homes
Protect the integrity and unique features of your historic home with proper coverage from one of our specialized carriers.

Purchasing a condominium policy provides protection for your belongings an improvements made upon your condo in the event of a loss.

Rental Properties
We offer tenant's insurance policies, as well as coverage for registered rental properties.



"I received superior customer service from your agency. Your staff worked with me on a difficult flood situation with speed and ease.
Thank you!"

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